Our Strategies and Objectives for fulfilling our Mission include

Reseach & academic engagement

Interdisciplinary research and analysis into the causes and consequences of statelessness and disenfranchisement, the scope of statelessness and the nexus between statelessness and other issues. We also help to bridge the gap, transfer knowledge and stimulate collaboration between academia and civil society.


Capacity building, training and educating NGOs, lawyers, students and youth, artists and other professionals, governments, academics, UN agencies and stateless persons.

Information & awareness

Spreading information and awareness in diverse and creative ways to engage and inspire those with an existing interest in the issue and new audiences alike.

Networking and partnerships

Outreach and developing partnerships with and between those interested in addressing statelessness and exclusion through their work, whatever their discipline or field. We actively participate in and help to build the knowledge and capacity of regional and thematic civil society networks working on statelessness and related issues. We also work with UN and governments, academia, and hope to increasingly engage with media and the arts.


Advocacy at national, regional and international levels. A particular focus of our advocacy work is the UN human rights system, including through making submissions to the Universal Periodic Review process and to the human rights treaty bodies (with a particular focus, at present, on the CRC and CEDAW Committees).

Training and capacity building

Design and delivery of dedicated training courses and workshops at different levels and for different actors to build understanding of statelessness and the tools and techniques for addressing the issue. This includes our regular summer and regional short courses, as well as bespoke trainings for different actors and aims.