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The Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion is an independent non-profit organization committed to promoting the human rights of stateless persons and fostering inclusion to ultimately end statelessness.

Through our website and mailing list, we also aim to contribute to the development and strengthening of inter-disciplinary engagement, networks and partnerships on statelessness, by supporting outreach, networking and exchange of information. Join the discussion by signing up now for our global statelessness mailing list.

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Latest statelessness news

A variety of new opportunities and challenges emerged in the field of statelessness in 2016. We have compiled this Year in Review, highlighting some of the news, law and policy updates, publications and resources featured in our monthly bulletins over the course of the year. We hope you find this useful and take this opportunity to wish you a happy and healthy 2017!

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What we do

These our some of our strategies for realising our role of expert, partner and catalyst for action to address statelessness across the globe: Interdisciplinary research and analysis; Capacity building and educating; Outreach and developing partnerships; Spreading information and awareness; Advocacy; Training and capacity building…

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Childhood statelessness

The right of every child to acquire a nationality is protected under the Convention on the Rights of the Child and numerous other key human rights conventions. Yet, according to UNHCR’s estimates, a child is born stateless somewhere in the world every 10 minutes. This issue is one of our 5 thematic priorities.

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Statelessness & human rights

Statelessness is a human rights issue. Its impact can be measured in human rights terms and redressed through human rights tools. A human rights based approach to statelessness is central to the mission of the Institute and engagement with international human rights mechanisms is an important area of our work.

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