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The Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion is an independent non-profit organization committed to realising the right to a nationality for all, through our role as expert, knowledge partner, catalyst for action and advocate for change.

Through our website and mailing list, we also aim to contribute to the development and strengthening of inter-disciplinary engagement, networks and partnerships on statelessness, by supporting outreach, networking and exchange of information. Join the discussion by signing up now for our global statelessness mailing list.

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Latest statelessness news

Our latest Statelessness Monthly Bulletin is now available! The bulletin offers a compilation of law and policy developments, new resources, announcements and opportunities on statelessness from around the world. The November 2017 edition covers global statelessness news and updates and an interview with Ivonne Garza, Legal Fellow on International Protection, Statelessness, and Internal Displacement.

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World's Stateless: Children

Read our flagship report, The World's Stateless 2017: Children, exploring the urgency of and opportunities for addressing childhood statelessness. Over 50 experts and organisations have contributed material – essays, interviews, photographs and more. Collectively, they deal with a multitude of different dimensions of childhood statelessness, with chapters exploring the right to a nationality, challenges in the context of migration and displacement, the significance of the Sustainable Development Agenda, the mechanics of safeguards against statelessness for children, and litigation, legal assistance and other forms of moblisation as strategies to tackle childhood statelessness.

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Toolkit on the CRC

The right of every child to acquire a nationality is protected under the Convention on the Rights of the Child and numerous other key human rights conventions. Yet, according to UNHCR’s estimates, a child is born stateless somewhere in the world every 10 minutes. Explore our Toolkit for civil society on Addressing the Right to a Nationality through the CRC. It offers a collection of resources and tools which provide civil society actors – including NGOs, National Human Rights Institutions and Ombudspersons – with information and advice on how to promote the fulfilment of the child’s right to a nationality through leveraging the full potential of the CRC framework.

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Statelessness & Syria's refugees

Statelessness is a driver of insecurity and injustice, including in situations of conflict and displacement. It is important for humanitarian actors to understand the challenges of protecting Syrian refugees’ right to a nationality and ensuring effective protection for stateless refugees. This is relevant not only to the current refugee response, but also to mitigate problems that could arise in finding durable solutions for refugees from Syria, including voluntary return to Syria when circumstances in the country allow. Find out more about the issue of statelessness in the Syria refugee context by exploring our online toolkit, developed jointly with the Norwegian Refugee Council.

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